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FL Amendment 3 – Voter Control of Gambling in Florida

Requires approval of any new casino gambling through a citizen-initiative constitutional amendment, effectively barring the Legislature from making those gambling decisions by passing laws.

Election Results

Votes % of Votes Result
5,676,456 71.47%


A YES vote would...

  • Require that voters approve a constitutional amendment through citizen initiative to authorize any new casino gambling in Florida, essentially stripping that authority from the Legislature.
  • Preclude constitutional approval of casinos through other means, including amendments offered by the Legislature or by the CRC.
  • Continue to allow the Legislature to approve other types of non-casino gambling, such as poker rooms, bingo, lotteries and fantasy sports.
  • Allow the Legislature to oversee, regulate and tax any casino-type gambling that voters approve through a constitutional amendment.
  • Not affect the state’s ability to negotiate casino agreements with Native-Americans.

A NO vote would...

  • Continue to allow casino gambling either through new laws passed by the Legislature or through various types of constitutional amendments.


  • Disney Worldwide Services
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida
  • No Casinos Inc.
  • Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • League of Women Voters of Florida; Florida Chamber of Commerce


  • Florida Education Association

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