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FL Amendment 4 – Voting Restoration Amendment

Allows those who have completed their entire sentence to earn the right to vote back except for those convicted of murder or felony sex offenses.

Election Results

Votes % of Votes Result
5,148,926 64.55%


A YES vote would...

  • Grant felons – excluding those convicted of murder or felony sex crimes – the right to vote after completing all the terms of their sentence. The Governor’s Clemency Board studies have shown that recidivism rates drop about 30% if person has their voting rights restored. Another study shows that with a lower recidivism rate, costs of incarceration go down, employment goes up and that the positive impact on the Florida economy is $365 million per year.

A NO vote would...

  • Continue the current requirement that felons wait a minimum of five years before applying to have their voting rights restored, and then appear before the governor and Cabinet to appeal for those rights.
  • Continue allowing the governor and Cabinet sole authority to determine whether a felon is allowed to vote again.


  • Florida Rights Restoration Coalition
  • Floridians for a Fair Democracy
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • League of Women Voters of Florida
  • Progress Florida
  • Florida Policy Institute
  • Florida Education Association
  • Florida National Organization for Women


  • Floridians for a Sensible Voting Rights Policy

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