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FL CRC Amendment 12 – Lobbying and Abuse of Office by Public Officers

Expands ethics rules for elected officials and government employees, notably by expanding from two to six years the time that many officials would have to wait before they could lobby state government.

Election Results

Votes % of Votes Result
6,116,404 78.92%


A YES vote would...

  • Extend the ban on state lobbying by legislators and statewide elected officials from two to six years.
  • Prohibit legislators and statewide elected officials from lobbying federal and local government agencies while in office.
  • Prohibit top state agency employees from any lobbying while working for the state and from lobbying state government for six years after leaving their job.
  • Prohibit local elected officials from getting paid to lobby anyone while in office and from lobbying their own governing body for six years after leaving office.
  • Prohibit judges from lobbying any branch of state government for six years after leaving the bench.
  • Prohibit any elected official or public employee from using his or her position to gain a “disproportionate benefit,” a term to be defined by the state Ethics Commission.

A NO vote would...

  • Keep in place the current constitutional restrictions on lobbying by sitting and former government officials.


  • Integrity Florida
  • Common Cause
  • Florida Policy Institute


  • Florida Education Association
  • Florida Chamber of Commerce

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