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Dave Gattis


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Vice President - Ditek Corporation

All candidates in this race were asked the same questions by the League of Women Voters.

Participation in city government is imperative to understanding how it functions. I have spent many hours observing our City’s government, offering input, and recognizing the positive effects of my actions. When comparing my management skills, technical background, knowledge of current issues, and level of commitment to this City, it is clear that I am the best candidate for our City Council.

Undergrounding and storm drainage are the top issues in our City. If elected, I will immediately begin a full review of the undergrounding project. My technical background will bring a new perspective, possibly streamlining the project or reducing overall cost. I will visit the most flood-prone areas to visually inspect the storm drains, identify root causes, and discuss available solutions.

I will push for an open forum on the City’s website for the citizens, staff and Council Members of Belleair Beach. Not only will this give the citizens a voice outside of regular meetings, it will also allow Council Members to work together outside the walls of City Hall without fear of Sunshine Law violations. I also recommend that all public notices be delivered via web, email and robocalls.

HB 631 has created a wave of confusion throughout Florida. This has not been the case for residents of Belleair Beach due to property lines not extending into “customary use” and public access areas. As before, Florida law provides access to all coastal beaches. In my opinion, HB 631 was designed to protect the property owner’s rights. When taken to extremes, the courts will have to decide.

Modernizing the City’s drainage system allows flood waters to recede more rapidly. Underground wiring eliminates the need to remove electrical hazards. Prioritization of City Code violations pertaining to possible sources of flying debris would lessen the cleanup effort after a storm has passed. Negotiating bulk pricing for generators and would lessen the cost and bring residents home faster.