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Joseph Manzo


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Thirty-nine years of real world experience in law, accounting/finance, construction, and management.


Juris Doctor, Rutgers School of Law 2006 B.A. with Honors - Rutgers University 1980

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Multiple volunteer positions on charity road races, Knights of Columbus, and local charities/events

All candidates in this race were asked the same questions by the League of Women Voters.

I bring to Belleair Beach real word experience in all of the areas that it takes to run a city. Specifically, my experience includes legal, finance, management, and construction. I am a licensed attorney in 5 states, a Certified Public Accountant(inactive), I was the builder of the Sony and Casio Stores and served in executive management.

Belleair Beach has never had a strategic plan. It now must prioritize the capital projects and determine true/correct capital needs. The City must work with other cities to benefit from their experience with capital projects, and best business practices. Fiscal responsibility must be a paramount objective for the City, and all City officials must spend taxpayer funds in a conservative manner

First and foremost, Belleair Beach must remain a residential community. However, since Belleair Beach does not have the institutions that generally contribute to making a city desirable, it must focus on improving its infrastructure and parks, preserving its beach and waterways, and bringing the community together by fully utilizing the community center and cultural events for its residents.

It is most important that beach-goers continue to respect the rights of the Belleair Shore residents by acting in a considerate manner. HB631 has not really become a major issue in Belleair Beach, and that is, most likely, due to the respect for the rights of the Belleair Shore and Belleair Beach Condo residents that is shown by the beach-goers.

Having a definite group of volunteers committed to assisting recovery efforts with their expertise, coupled with financial and emergency plans would be the best way to streamline a recovery from a major disaster.