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Leslie Notaro


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Computer industry, sales, marketing software, support. Judicial clerk Associate in law firm in Chicago


B.A., Economics 1969 MSU M.A., Economics, 1972 MSU J.D., Summa Cum Laude, JMLS

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Belleair Beach City Council since 2010

All candidates in this race were asked the same questions by the League of Women Voters.

Experience serving the city for many years, as councilmember, vice mayor, and mayor. Good relations with all elements of the city.

My vision for Belleair Beach remains the same as it has for the city's past: To assure that the City of Belleair Beach remains as one of Florida's premier cities, and a recognized leader in providing its residents with an outstanding quality of life.

Continue fiscal responsibly proceses which keep the city's millage rate as one of the lowest in the county.

Limiting beach access by beachfront property owners is not an issue in Belleair Beach. As to mitigating the legislation's effect on Belleair Beach residents, the most effective route is to work with other beachfront communities, through the BigC and other organigazations -FBSPA, SLC - and create power in numbers.

During the last storm events, Belleair Beach has some of the quickest reponses to the storm, and was one of the first communities to allow its residents back home after the storms. Our city staff does a remarkable job in these situations, and should be commended for their great work.