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Robyn Ache


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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

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General Surgeon

All candidates in this race were asked the same questions by the League of Women Voters.

Having lived in Belleair Beach for eight years, I’ve seen both positive improvements and areas where we need to adopt best practices and allow our citizens concerns to be heard. We need to preserve the family-friendly nature and small town, community feel of our town. I will work with the other council members to adopt procedures for effectively and efficiently documenting resident’s concerns.

#1 Increase our focus on safety. I would work with the Sherriff’s Office to enforce the speed limits within our city as well as implementing stricter rental property regulations. #2 Improve our infrastructure. I would work to have responsible and transparent spending of our town’s tax dollars. This includes applying for grants and conservative fiscal policies when undertaking new projects.

I would go into each meeting with an open mind and respect for my fellow council members. I would listen to all of their opinions and embrace any insight from their different areas of expertise. I would work hard to make sure the residents’ concerns are heard and addressed.

Our relationship with Belleair Shore is unique. Belleair Shore is its own city, and we have an agreement to use the allotted beach parking areas. What we need to focus on is being good neighbors and respect the homeowners of Belleair Shore. North of Belleair Shore, we also keep the thruway beach accesses clean and well taken care of and respect the condo owners’ property.

I would increase communication and access to information after evacuations. For example, the city could send out either emails or post information on the city website since they would have direct access to the Sheriff’s Department. This would inform residents about their property and important updates such as when they are cleared to return to their homes.