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Former CEO, college professor and published law scholar specializing in community development, small business expansion and the green economy. I helped start a policy think tank with Cornell ILR that improves healthcare, housing, economic, social and environmental policies.


SUNY Buffalo School of Law, JD SUNY Buffalo PhD Columbia University MA Columbia University MA SUNY Buffalo BA

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All candidates in this race were asked the same questions by the League of Women Voters.

What is your strategic vision for regional economic development and transportation improvements and how would you implement and fund your vision?

I have successfully worked to build stronger, healthier and more connected communities and local economies for 15 years. So much of what I plan for Pinellas I have successfully accomplished elsewhere. I want our region to be global leaders of the green economy; I want the Sunshine State to grow its economy by leading the way on solar. Also I plan to invest more resources in small business expansion, anchor institution development and implement community benefit agreements on development projects to ensure that precious tax dollars are used as carefully and as impactfully as possible. I want to expand and incentivize public transportation alternatives including busses, trolleys and light rail; implement Complete Streets (design of pedestrian and bike-friendly streets); incentivize renewable energy in transportation where possible. Funding will come from shifting the budget from carbon-intensive to carbon-neurtral choices.

What is your plan to preserve, protect, and restore the Tampa Bay Area ecosystem for future generations? Given the projected rise in sea levels how should the Commission prepare the County for increased coastal erosion and flooding? What specific measures would you propose to ensure sustainable growth?

I plan to implement solutions to sea level rise such as elevating streets, improving drainage infrastructure and planting additional mangroves, trees, grasses and utilizing other nature-based solutions to drain floodwater and create beautiful public spaces. We also need solutions that are rooted in community resilience, which strengthens community organizations and empowers people to play an active role in climate preparedness. As a political candidate under no circumstances will I ever allow oil drilling or fracking in our waters. Our beaches drive 1/5 of the Pinellas economy and they will always be a top priority. I will work with environmental experts on cutting-edge solutions.

Pinellas County’s rapid growth has made affordable housing out of reach for many new and current residents, also making it harder for companies to recruit new employees. What remedies will you work on to increase the availability of more affordable housing, and how do you propose to fund your solutions?

We need to start building more dense and walkable communities to accommodate the population increase in our region in order to keep housing prices low. Transportation-oriented development also helps keep essentials like housing and transportation costs low. This is a simple supply and demand issue that can be addressed by changing codes rather than utilizing tax dollars.

What do you see as the biggest threats imposed by the Florida Legislature to county level government, and what will you do to ensure the commission retains the power to solve local problems?

I will work to protect home rule to allow the priorities of local decision-makers to have more impact than state ones. Local leaders must have the ability to oversee issues that uniquely impact their community. I also plan to work with our state elected officials to repeal H.B. 631 which makes it easier to privatize our beaches.

What are three top priority projects for which you would allocate the next round of Penny for Pinellas funding?

Only 3% of land in Pinellas County is undeveloped. Some of this is park land and recreational space that the community loves. I would like to use Penny for Pinellas funding to help preserve this land in a community land trust so that our great-grandchildren can enjoy the green spaces that we do. There are already two such spaces in my district that I am working to protect.

Amendment #1 (of 13) appearing on the November general election ballot, would raise the portion of a home’s value that can be exempted from non-school property taxes. The proposed changes would apply to the assessed value of a homestead property between $100,000 and $125,000, raising the maximum exemption from $50,000 to $75,000. Do you support the passage of this amendment to the Florida Constitution?


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