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René Flowers

René Flowers

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Elected to the School Board on November 6th, 2012, to complete the term of School Board Member Lew Williams. Current Chair of PCSB She formerly served as a member of the City Council of St. Petersburg, serving as Vice Chairperson in 1999 & 2006 and as Chairperson for two consecutive terms, 2000- 2002. Ms. Flowers also served as Pr


Dixie Hollins High School High School Diploma,Howard University ,Tallahassee Community College AA Degree,University of South Florida 1986-1987, Eckerd College 2003-2005 Bachelors Degree, Capella University2016-2018 MPA

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Pinellas County School Board Member, Dist 7

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Ms. Flowers has served or is presently serving on a number of community, social and civic organizations such as the Legislative Committee of the Florida School Board Association, Former FSBA Advocacy Chair, National Council of Negro Women, League of Women Voters, National Organization for Women, Pinellas County Urban League Guild, Pinellas County D

All candidates in this race were asked the same questions by the League of Women Voters.

My top three priorities are 1) Funding , 2) School Safety, and 3) Reassessment of the use of Statewide Testing measures. Allowing the district to increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) by up to five percent and increasing the FEFP so that the categoricals would fall in line with the cost of living increases. In addition, working with the incoming Governor and legislators to assure that the full amount of Lottery funds are directed towards education. As a board member, we have enacted a number of safety measures such as fencing, single point of entry access and egress, locking if doors, additional security cameras, positioning of security officers as SB7026 requires, and intruder alert drills. Restorative Justice and Sandy Hook Promise have been integrated as it relates to behavioral concerns. Lastly lobbying to address testing as a measure and not as a promotion/graduation/school grade/ or salary raise tool.

I am working with the district to realign the budget to accommodate SB7026. Each department was asked to find savings in its budget by 10%. In addition to hiring PCS internal officers with salaries that align within our budget, we are utilizing extensively trained Security Officers, which also saves us money in salaries. Yes, Charter Schools must also comply. We're required to provide charters with their percentage of the Safe Schools Allocation fund

Specific actionable measures I would recommend to increase school safety would be to utilize software that could detect the presence of certain objects programed into the system. Require identification badges for students and staff and increase the availability of mental health services to a more manageable ratio for counselors. Finally, increase the number of roving patrols on campus, and utilize programmable locks rather than key locks.

Eight is NOT Great and I am voting NO. I believe that the voters have the power and will in fact vote out candidates that they feel are not performing in the best interest of those they serve. School Board Members are Constitutional Officers just as the County Commission, Sheriff, and Tax Collector yet they were not targeted in this proposal. State legislators are in session a few months out of the year. They have difficulty supervising themselves and they have proven how their decisions have perpetuated the achievement gap, education funding gap, and socio economic and heath care ills of our state. The impact would be that the gap will widen, there would be an even greater disparity in services and we would see a reversion back to the days before Brown verses the Board of Education

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